Connecting multiple Arduinos to Mac

Arduino is a simple yet an elegant platform for proofing your concepts and hobbies. Open source community has taken it to a new height and every day several new interesting items are added.

If your application is using multiple Arduino’s then you may be wondering to flash your new changes into them, or even read serial port data. I had a scenario wherein I wanted to write to multiple Arduinos and was trying to figure out.

We use USB port to connect the Arduino and this is the mainstream for the communication between the two. If there is another unit is connected, then the IDE should be using the another USB port for the connection. In Arduino IDE,


under tools there is an option to change the port. This option offers you to toggle across different Arduino (ports) devices.

Another option is to run multiple instances of the Arduino application. With this approach also you will have to select appropriate port in the application instance. On MacOS, from the terminal, you can type:

open -n /Applications/ &

That is for launching a new instance of the application.

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